Shining at the Exhibition:
Science Image Showcases Its New Products at NAB Show 2024 and InfoComm China 2024

Recently, Science Image once again showcased its cutting-edge technological strength and innovative achievements at the two highly anticipated industry events NAB Show 2024 and InfoComm China 2024. Dedicated to promoting technological innovation in audio-visual media production, Science Image exhibited a range of new products, including Vela Rack SDI, Studio Edge and Flow Edge, which have attracted widespread attention from numerous domestic and international customers.

At the exhibition, Science Image collaborated with the professional elite teams of US Broadcast and UBS to engage closely with customers, aiming to provide them with a comprehensive experience of the exceptional charm of our products.

We introduced the core functional characteristics, diverse application scenarios, and advantages of our products in detail. Additionally, we specifically presented a series of selected practical application cases and shared them with customers, enabling them to intuitively experience the actual effect of our products, thus gaining a deeper understanding and trust in our offerings.

Snapshots from the Exhibition


Vela Rack SDl is a multi-functional encoder/decoder recorder launched by Science Image, supporting various protocols such as RTMP/RTSP/SRT/Full NDI/HX2/HX3. It integrates powerful functions like encoding/decoding, SSD recording and storage, streaming, PGM return, optical transmission, intercom, audio embedding and USB 3.0, demonstrating unparalleled flexibility and applicability. Vela Rack SDl is equipped with a 3.4-inch high-definition flip-up touchscreen for convenient operation, and supports POE and DC power supply.

Particularly noteworthy is that Vela Rack SDl is equipped with an independently removable NVMe SSD high-capacity solid-state drive, significantly improving data storage and reading speeds. In addition, multiple devices can be easily installed on the Vela Rack Shelf for centralized management, further enhancing efficiency.


Studio Edge and Flow Edge as rack-mounted NDI encoder/decoder and rack-mounted SDI/HDMI converters carefully crafted by Science Image, both possess outstanding performance.

Studio Edge offers FULL NDI bi-directional 4K encoding/decoding capabilities for each channel, along with up/down conversion and optical transceiver functions. Meanwhile, Flow Edge supports SDI/HDMI format conversion for each channel, also featuring up/down conversion and optical transceiver capabilities.

Both models support parallel operation of 6 channels, facilitating centralized deployment and management. Each channel is equipped with independent switches and scroll wheel buttons for precise control. Whether it’s for live broadcasts, studio recordings, equipment rooms, OB vans, or console operations, Studio Edge and Flow Edge are perfectly suited and exhibit excellent performance.


Studio Shelf combines exquisite craftsmanship with outstanding performance. Its ingenious design allows for the combination and installation of three Science Image encoding/decoding/conversion devices. Studio Shelf is compatible with NDl HD mini, NDl Studio 4K SH, Studio2, Flow2, and Flow 4K, and allows for the assembly of both identical and different models of devices onto it.Studio Shelf not only provides a convenient solution for small-scale centralized deployment, but also achieves efficient and unified management.

At the exhibition, we also displayed our highly acclaimed NDI HD mini, Studio2, and Flow2 codec / converter series, fully demonstrating our technological prowess and product diversity.

In the future, Science Image will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and work closely with US Broadcast and UBS to continuously improve product quality and service levels, providing customers with more excellent products and solutions.

With the successful conclusion of the NAB Show 2024 and InfoComm China 2024 exhibitions, we sincerely appreciate every customer who visited the venue. Looking forward to our next meeting!

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