12G-SDI/HDMI 4K60 Optical Transceiver Module


SOM WS2111 Optical Transmitting and receiving is the same module, does not need to be distinguished separately.

SOM WS2111 Optical module is applicable to all NDI Studio 4K series and FLOW 4K series of ScienceImage.

Product Features

  • Supports 12 to 25Gb/s bit rates
  • Simplex LC Connector
  • Hot pluggable SFP+ footprint
  • Applicable for 20km SMF connection
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface
  • Operating case temperature:
  • Commerical:0 to 70 °C

12G-SDI Optical Transceivers Module can be used in host systems that require either internally or externally calibrated digital diagnostics.

FAQs and remarks of Optical module

1.Specification of the Optical module

The Optical module of ScienceImage is customized separately for transferring 12G-SDI/HDMI 4K60 video from the 12-25G frequency band, named T1, and is a Bi-Directional transceiver integrated 12G-SD Optical module, which can either receiving or transmitting;
The fiber optic interface type of T1 is LC, and the supported transmission distance is up to 20KM.

2.Transmission signal type

The NDI Studio 4K series, Studio 2, Flow 4K, and Flow 2 currently firmware support transmit SDI/HDMI baseband signals of 12G-SDI/HDMI 4K60 and below, and do not support transmit NDI signals.

3.Adaptation model and universality of Optical module

T1 type Optical module is suitable for ScienceImage’s NDI Studio 4K series, Studio 2, FLOW 4K, FLOW 2, Studio Edge series, Vela Rack series, etc. It may not be suitable for other brands of optical transmission equipment.
ScienceImage’s NDI Studio 4K series, Studio 2, FLOW 4K, FLOW 2, Studio Edge series and Vela Rack series do not support Optical module of other manufacturers or specifications.

Usage suggestions and methods

1. The receiving and transmitting status of the Optical module is determined by the device(NDI Studio 4K series, Studio 2, FLOW 4K, FLOW 2, Studio Edge series, Vela Rack series), not by the Optical module.

2. It is recommended that two T1 with the same serial number be used as a pair of Optical module, regardless of Receiving and Transmitting (Mutual Receiving and Transmitting, or using the color of the pull ring to distinguish, purple and silver are a pair of each other), and can also be paired with T1 of other serial numbers.

3. Insert the T1 Optical module of ScienceImage into the SFP interface (hot plug is not recommended) before powering up the device.

4. In the NDI Studio 4K series, Studio 2, Flow 4K, Flow 2, Studio Edge series, Vela Rack series devices, the optical mode can be selected or switched.

以下2个链接是对ScienceImage的NDI Studio 4K 和 FLOW 4K光收发功能的组合应用以及功能介绍
The following two links are a combination of Studio 4K and FLOW 4K optical transceiver functions for ScienceImage, as well as an introduction to their functions

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