Science Image was founded in 2011. The founding team came from core engineer of the original R & D team of  Thomson in Beijing. Since its establishment in 2011 at Zhong Guancun Science and Technology Innovation Center in Beijing, the R&D team has launched a series of software and hardware products based on Broadcasting and Pro AV IP technology.

We began to design NDI product line in August, 2018, launched the first 4K full NDI coder and decoder in March,  and launched the first mass production of  NDI HD Mini in IBC in September, 2019. Science Image products have been highly praised by NewTek .Up to now, we have developed full NDI series Bi Directional Encoder/Decoder specifically for the Broadcast market, which have been widely used in many countries.

In China, Science Image collaborates with CCTV (China Central Television), multiple provincial-level television stations. Our products are also widely used in the industry of internet (Alibaba), healthcare and education . From the long-term feedback from customers: Science Image products operate very stably with superior performance!


Science Image focuses on quality, creating valuable products and services for the industry and the society. Science Image is committed to redefining products with first-class technology, allowing every individual to participate in high-quality audio and video applications, showcasing the beauty of human intelligence and technology.


In the future, Science Image will continue to work hard in the fields of broadcasting and professional AV, creating more products based on IP and intelligence, combining the excellent intelligent algorithms and designs to bring the new concept and the revolution to the industry.

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