Science Image helped the national two sessions and live broadcast in March.2021

At the beginning of March 2021, the 13th National People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China and the 13th Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference were held at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing,

First of all, Henan Broadcast TV successfully built and completed the IP virtual studio in Beijing Wuhuan hotel during the two sessions. The green screen is used as the background, and the production and broadcast virtual products are used to conduct the whole process guidance and live broadcast management of the two sessions. In combination with 5G network signals, online conference activities are completed one after another.

At the main venue of the two sessions in Beijing, the leaders of the Great Hall of the people answered reporters’ questions at the site and the media center. NDI codec was introduced as an important transmission medium for decoding and recording. The NDI system that guided and built played an important role in the production and live broadcast of the two sessions

The on-site signal of the Great Hall of the people will be sent to the media center through the network. After the production of the media center, it will be sent to the Great Hall of the people through NDI for decoding, on-site monitoring and recording.

In this half month conference, Science Image’s full NDI codec played an important role in front-end coding and transmission, and made a wonderful transmission case for the application of radio and television IP in the national conference.

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