Science Image helped the No.1 satellite TV in Southwest China — Guangxi satellite TV financial media live broadcast center to be completed

In 2020, NDI helped and participated in the preparation of the No. 1 media in South China China Guangxi satellite TV financial media live broadcast center.

Guangxi satellite TV, a pioneer and portal in the broadcast station in Southwest China, has introduced and built a new financial media studio and live broadcast center based on NDI and other new IP technologies. The technology department has independently developed equipment suitable for the production and transmission characteristics of financial media, which can carry out simple and fast green screen matting and virtual scene production, and can use 5G to realize the real-time return of ultra-low delay outfield 4K signals.

And now, the live broadcast room and live broadcast center of Guangxi satellite TV financial media have the ability to produce remote, global and two-way interactive programs, so as to achieve rapid response and rapid deployment of the program production system, and meet the production requirements of high-end financial media live broadcast and various network video programs.

It is worth mentioning that the newly launched live broadcast platform of Guangxi satellite TV financial media has the advantages of complete lightweight and portability and reduces human and material resources investment on the basis of meeting the requirements of technical indicators for mobile Internet publishing. Relying on this technical system, the mainstream media can also be the “light cavalry” on the main battlefield of financial media.

As the No. 1 media in South China, Guangxi satellite TV has strong innovation and integration ability in charge of R & D and technology. It uses the latest IP technology in the world to improve system competitiveness and production efficiency quickly and with high quality, which is favored by radio and television system leaders and the market. The whole IP system improves work efficiency, reduces the complexity of the system, saves costs, saves system construction time and the complexity of traditional hardware program production, It is the future trend of the market to quickly respond to the real-time information from the front end and quickly process and publish the program content

In the next three years, Guangxi satellite TV will, based on its own resources, continue to incubate a number of “smart” financial media brands in Guangxi that radiate ASEAN and have regional international influence, cooperate with the Silk Road International Satellite TV alliance to create an external publicity and financial media matrix for the “the Belt and Road”, explore the Internet and multilingual internationalization of TV programs, promote “culture to the sea”, and expand the coverage and influence of international, especially ASEAN communication. As a result, a deeply integrated communication pattern of “mobile first, one end and multiple kitchens” has been formed for Guangxi satellite TV, which uses high-quality video programs to seize the public opinion field at home and abroad, tell Chinese stories well and transmit the voice of Guangxi

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