• Q. Why can't the device start?
    A. Check whether the device power indicator (located on the right side of the chassis) and OLED screen are on, and restart again with the official power adapter;
    Do not turn off the upgrade page and power during device upgrade!!


  • Q. Why not log in to the Web UI?
    A. Check whether the IP address of the device and the IP address of the computer are in the same network segment, and whether the IP address of the device conflicts with the IP address of other devices in the network segment; Check whether the network environment is good; Attempt to power down and restart the device.


  • Q. Why does the device IP address display
    A. This is because the device is in the automatic IP acquisition mode in the network settings of the webui, but there is no router in the LAN connected to the device to assign an IP address to the device. At this time, change the computer IP to 192.168.8. * *, then log in to the Web UI, change the device to manually obtain the IP, fill in the address, subnet mask and gateway, and click [apply].


  • Q. Why is the image output from the device to the display device abnormal in color, sound or picture?
    A. Try to restart the device in the Web UI system, or manually power off and restart.


  • Q. Why is the device output to the white screen of the display device in decoding mode?
    A. This is because the decoding device does not select which NDI source to solve. Try to log in to the Web UI, check whether the correct coding source is selected under the decoding column, click refresh list and select again.


  • Q. NDI decoding is stuck and not smooth
    If the NDI decoding picture is not smooth and jammed, please turn multicast on or off to test the fluency of NDI under the condition of ensuring a good network environment.

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