FLOW 2 is a powerful product, it combines frequency conversion and optical transceiver in one tiny device.It is the upgraded version of FLOW 4K
with an intelligent scroll wheel. Widely used in various business scenarios such as broadcast program, variety show recording, large events, and video conferences, providing users with excellent AV experiences.

Support at least 35 types SMPTE formats

multiple functions ,efficient inter-convert

Flow2 provides up and down conversion in 35 formats (from HD to UHD), the maximum 3840x2160p60. Supports up to 12G-SDI/HDMI 4K60 inter-conversion and output.The user can choose the output format with just a click.

Optical transceiver

Ultra long distance transmission

So easy

Provide a 12G SDI optical transceiver interface, simultaneously transmit and receive 3G/6G/12G SDI and HDMI 4K videos, support maximum 20km transmission; The web UI is equipped with an optical transceiver switch, allowing users to freely choose HDMI optical transceiver or SDI optical transceiver in the web UI.

An intelligent scroll wheel

With an intelligent scroll wheel, it’s so convenient to operate that you just use your finger to scroll up and down to choose the menu and manage the settings , no need to enter the web UI.

The scroll wheel can realize the function below:

  • SDI/HDMI input priority setting.
  • Optical transceiver function transmitting and receiving settings.
  • Free selection of output resolution format.

Flexible deployment, convenient and practical

Flexible deployment on the front end or display/control terminal according to different scenes on site; While the optical transceiver works, it is also a SDI/HDMI bidirectional converter; One machine for multiple purposes, reducing system cost, fast response, flexibility and convenience.


Broadcast level,Reliable and stable

Support 12G-SDI/HDMI 2.0 and SMPTE/ITU international broadcast standard formats , compatible with multiple sampling formats(444,422,420), accurate and fast signal recognition. Adopt Xilinx FPGA SOC hardware ,internal design and embedded Linux system, ensure the program running stably,not influenced by the external complex environment.

Compatibility and stability

Support SMPTE video source , compatible with the video from most equipment. Open to most software and browsers ,truly plug and play. FLow 2 meets industrial standard, which ensure it works durably and reliably.

More features

Aviation technology

Aviation aluminum integrated design and milling, ultra-thin process, aviation process manufacturing.

Broadcast quality

Broadcast grade international standard formats and specifications, accurate and rapid signal recognition, the program runs like a rock, not affected by the environment.

Multiple applications

It is widely used in many occasions, such as conference and stage live, remote connection, education live broadcast, and gives full play to its advantages in various fields.

Flexible deployment

One machine multi-purpose, reduce the system cost, to be able to respond quickly, flexible, convenient.

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