NDI HD mini series upgrade firmware v4.2.0917a

Firmware Download
Release Notes
  1. Upgrade the NDI codec kernel version to NDI 5.5
  2. Web UI optimization, NDI real-time bandwidth display and optimization.
  3. Optimization of video quality when NDI encoding in low bandwidth
  4. Online firmware upgrade, user do not download and manual upgrade firmware.

NDI Studio 4K series upgrade firmware v3.2.1019a

Firmware Download
Release Notes
  1. Upgrade the NDI version to the latest version 5.5;
  2. Optimize the efficiency of NDI encoding, ensure the highest definition requirements and adapt to various network bandwidth environments when the NDI bandwidth is reduced to a minimum of 30%;
  3. Optimize the encoding efficiency in 12G-SDI formats
  4. Web UI real-time uplink and downlink bandwidth detection function
  5. OTA automatic detection of firmware and online upgrade function
  6. 6. Optimize encoder & decoder switching
  7. Optimize SDI output audio
  8. Optimize the NDI stability in the DHCP state without router

NDI Studio 4K series API

API Download

FLOW 4K Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.1219a

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Increase and optimize the display of optical transceiver parameters on OLED
2. Optimize the content and beautify the appearance of Web UI
3. Optimize optical transmission efficiency to make transmission and switching more convenient and fast
4. Optimize HDMI / SDI input compatibility
5. Add and optimize the RNDIS control function of USB port


Installler Download

1.Created ScienceImage Pattern output;
2.Improve the refresh speed and accuracy of NDI source list;
3.Optimized decoding efficiency

Release Notes

1.Support 8 channel full NDI and NDI HX monitoring
2.NDI program output and switching
3.NDI bandwidth monitoring
4.Preview Mute and full screen
5.One click access to external NDI device UI
6.Support RED/ARRI metadata monitoring and storage
7.NDI tools reload
8.Frame rate and jitter monitoring
9.Support NDI Tally
10.Real time clock
11.Online upgrade
12.Open Pattern Output Function

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