NDI HD mini firmware v4.4.0313

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1.Add watchdog function to web server
2.Optimized NDI audio

Studio 2 firmware v6.4.0407

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1.Upgrade the NDI version to 6.0
2.Optimize the speed of HDMI output


FLOW 4K firmware v6.4.0404

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Optimize web UI some features
2. Optimize HDMI output compatibility
3. Optimize Scroll Wheel operation

FLOW 2 firmware v6.4.0404

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Add DCI format in support list
2. Optimize web UI some features
3. Optimize HDMI output compatibility
4. Optimize Scroll Wheel operation



Installler Download

1. Add Simplified Chinese installation options
2. Remove the restriction that requires administrator privileges to run properly when installed in the C drive directory
3. Optimize software performance

Release Notes

1.Support 8 channel full NDI and NDI HX monitoring
2.NDI program output and switching
3.NDI bandwidth monitoring
4.Preview Mute and full screen
5.One click access to external NDI device UI
6.Support RED/ARRI metadata monitoring and storage
7.NDI tools reload
8.Frame rate and jitter monitoring
9.Support NDI Tally
10.Real time clock
11.Online upgrade
12.Open Pattern Output Function
13.Add local camera function
14.Add Capture function
15.Add an audio device setting interface
16.Add the function of converting local images in any format to NDI
17.Add the function of converting local videos to NDI(*.mp4;*.mkv;*.mov;*.flv;*.swf;*.ogg;*.vob;*.wmv;*.mpg;*.webm)
18.NDI version 5.5.4
19.Add and support RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/UDP streaming functions

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