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Resume email:, The job requirements on the website are based on general standards, we also welcome expert talents to recommend themselves. We will contact you if you meet the job requirements.


Experience in video industry development

Proficient in Xilinx and Vivado tools



Experience in video product development is preferred



Responsible for hardware and software testing and other work content, cooperate with r&d personnel to put forward questions and suggestions, and put forward rationalization suggestions with the transition

The equipment and software are mainly professional audio and video (radio and television and ProAV) products, which require the tester to have basic audio and video professional knowledge, such as PCB and schematic diagram, C++, FPGA, or have some actual contact with them. It is better to be young people who are interested in the research and development of FPGA



1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, mathematics, signal processing or related major, at least 2 years of practical development experience;  

2. Proficient in C++ programming, familiar with Windows video and network programming, proficient in TCP, UDP and other network transmission protocols;  

3. Development of mobile audio and video live vod framework, including collection, pre-processing, coding, streaming, playing, editing and other related functions, supporting the audio and video needs of upper products;  

4. Proficient in the application development of live broadcast and vod of Internet video, familiar with HTTP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP and RTMP streaming media network transmission protocols;  

4. Can quickly learn new algorithms, h264/5 algorithm, familiar with audio related codec, familiar with FFMPEG development framework;  

5. Familiar with video hardware codec acceleration, SDL, DShow, D3D, OpenGL and other image rendering technologies



1. Responsible for preparing and writing product publicity materials

2. Connect with marketing platforms

3. Market information collection and collation

4. Preparation for docking with overseas channels or sales platforms

5. Cooperate with sales and products

Other simple tasks assigned by the company

General requirements: common office tools such as PS, a certain degree of English (can communicate with foreign businessmen directly), strong learning ability, cheerful personality, cooperative spirit.

We are an entrepreneurial growth company, looking forward to the pattern, lofty people to join.



Overseas electronic or video equipment market development experience is preferred  

Familiar with business English and basic rules of international trade



At least 2 years experience in electronic product development and commercialization  

Have some understanding of international professional audio and video market  

Knowledge of upstream and downstream supply chain



Basic knowledge of audio and video;  

Understand basic channel customer expansion methods;  

Sales experience in education industry and audio and video industry is preferred;  

Knowledge of English is preferred



The company needs interns in electronics.  Learn and test hardware, participate in development process, transition and marketing related work, love technology, willing to learn young talent…  At the end of the year, the company will pay commissions and generous bonuses according to the performance.


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