Science Image Powers the International Martial Arts Invitational

At the International Martial Arts Invitational held in Jiangsu, China from April 23rd to 26th, 2024, Science Image’s FULL NDI codec provided solid and excellent technical support for the perfect display of the event due to its outstanding performance.

The organizer adopted double-layer 360-degree surrounding large screens to broadcast the event live for the audience on site. At the same time, global martial arts enthusiasts could also watch the exciting moments of the competition in real-time through network streaming. 

The implementation of the NDI IP system enhances the flexibility of equipment composition for events, reduces costs, improves efficiency, facilitates staff monitoring and adjustment, and contributes to the flawless presentation of the event and Science Image’s NDI HD mini, as the core equipment of the system, played a vital role.

The competition site was divided into a Sanda competition field and a Routine competition field, and the two competitions were held simultaneously. Each field was equipped with 6 camera positions, including 1 panoramic view, 1 medium shot, 2 close-ups, 1 jib arm, and 1 roaming camera.

In the past, cameras and production centers in program production generally relied on SDI cables for connection, but one SDI cable can only transmit one signal, so a large number of cables were needed. This not only increased costs but also complicated cable management. Long-term bundled cables were difficult to replace individually in case of failure, and could only be addressed by adding new cables, which increased maintenance difficulty and led to high expansion costs. 

Additionally, the transmission distance of SDI signals was limited to 100 meters, During high-definition video transmission, signals were prone to distortion and error codes, leading to image distortion. At the same time, the high prices of SDI high-definition products and related cables and matrix equipment limited the selectivity of system solutions, making it difficult to control overall costs.

However, Science Image’s NDI HD mini is compact and does not require complex cable connections for flexible installation. The signal encoded by NDI HD mini boasts advantages such as high image quality, low latency, and frame synchronization, etc. Furthermore, NDI HD mini is also compatible with a variety of program production equipment, greatly satisfying the needs of multi-camera video production in studios and on-site. So replacing traditional SDI cables with NDI HD mini can significantly reduce system costs, complex wiring, and on-site construction difficulties.

For the event, the organizer adopted 12 NDI HD mini as encoders, each attached to a camera at one of the 12 camera positions. The cameras captured signals and fed them into the NDI HD mini via SDI cables. The NDI HD mini then encoded the baseband signals into FULL NDI signals in real-time and transmitted them over a wired network to the workstation for program production.

Additionally, the organizer used 2 NDI HD mini as decoders for local live broadcast. When in decoding mode, the NDI HD mini can automatically detect all NDI signals in the current network environment. Staff members can simply log into the NDI HD mini’s WebUI to select the desired NDI signal for decoding. The NDI HD mini converts the NDI signal into a baseband signal and outputs it to a 360-degree surround screen, providing a comprehensive visual experience for spectators.

The successful conclusion of the International Martial Arts Invitational not only perfectly interpreted the unique charm of martial arts but also highlighted the technological excellence and extraordinary strength of Science Image’s NDI products. 

Science Image is born for innovation, aiming to redefine high standards in the audio and video industry, providing users worldwide with innovative and exceptional products that shape a better future.

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