Science Image has reached a formal strategic partnership with UBS— Unique Beijing Solutions, Main Distributor of NewTek Inc in China

On May 1, 2022, Science Image officially entered into a formal strategic cooperation with the Main Distributor of NewTek in China – UBS—Unique Beijing Solutions, and incorporated the products of Science Image into the NDI product line that UBS continues to develop. In the future, UBS and Science Image will work together to ensure that they will always provide users with advanced and reliable one-stop solutions.

UBS Development Center is a product technology company based on Broadcast and Education, which was founded in 2002. We are the Exclusive distributor of NewTek in China / Hong Kong and Macao for more than 12 years

UBS cooperates with NewTek to promote its products: VMC IP production system, Tri-Caster integrated program production system, 3Play slow motion playback system, Talk-Show remote video transmission system, mediaDS multi-channel media release system and the latest IP based network signal transmission and production system.

At present, the products of UBS have considerable applications and user base in Broadcast, Education Industry, New media industry, Government units, Enterprises and institutions, E-sports and other industries.

You are welcome to visit the website of UBS at or scan the QR code to follow the official account of UBS, and have in-depth exchanges with engineers or learn more product information and user cases such as localized NDI graphic subtitle software, NDI matrix, NDI multi picture monitoring, NDI EFP channel, NDI tally, NDI conversion and multi-channel recording….

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