SCIENCE IMAGE 4K Converter Powers MSG Sphere to Create the World’s Largest Spherical Immersive Experience Center

The MSG Sphere, a colossal spherical venue in Las Vegas, USA, with a total investment of up to $2.3 billion, stands as a landmark building in the city and the world’s largest spherical immersive experience center. Boasting a diameter of 157 meters and a height of 111 meters, the spherical structure features a 15,000-square-meter circular LED screen that offers a breathtaking immersive VR experience to the naked eye. Inside, the building houses over 17,000 seats, making it capable of hosting various immersive entertainment performances and concerts.

During the construction of the MSG Sphere’s audio-visual system, to ensure the stability of long-distance signal transmission and the smoothness of conversions, the integrator conducted rigorous comparisons and testing, ultimately selecting nearly 50 Flow 4K products from Science Image, which integrate frequency conversion and optical transmission in one device. This significantly reduced the complexity of the system’s hardware composition, guaranteed stability, and drastically lowered costs, making it a classic case of Flow 4K application.

The Powerful SDI/HDMI
Conversion Capability of FLOW 4K

The Flow 4K converter boasts multiple interfaces, including SDI input/output and HDMI input/output, enabling bidirectional conversion between SDI and HDMI signals. When receiving an SDI signal input, Flow 4K can loop out an identical SDI signal and simultaneously convert it to an HDMI signal output. Conversely, for HDMI signal input, it can loop out an HDMI signal and simultaneously output a corresponding SDI signal. Additionally, users can flexibly set the priority of SDI and HDMI input signals through an intuitive Web UI interface to meet application needs in different scenarios.

UpDownConversion: The Ultimate Solution

Flow 4K supports 1,849 SMPTE standard formats ranging from 720p50 to 4K DCIp60, covering both PAL and NTSC specifications. Users can switch between these formats flexibly through the Web UI. Whether it’s traditional standard-definition signals or high-definition, ultra-high-definition signals, Flow 4K handles them all with ease.

Long-Distance Transmission: No Longer an Issue

Flow 4K boasts excellent optical transceiver capabilities, functioning as both a transmitter and receiver. Its transmission and reception modes can be flexibly switched, supporting transmission rates up to 12 to 25 GB/s when paired with Science Image’s T1 optical modules. This ensures video signal quality while achieving a transmission distance of up to 20 km.

Compact Size, Powerful Capabilities

Flow 4K’s SDI/HDMI conversion and optical transceiver functions can operate simultaneously, making it both a converter and an optical transceiver, truly fulfilling all needs.

When it comes to transmitting a video signal captured by a camera that only supports 1080P60 resolution to a large screen 1 kilometer away in 4K DCIp60 high-resolution format, only two Flow 4K devices are required. The captured 1080i50 video signal is transmitted to one Flow 4K via an SDI line, which is set as the optical signal transmitter. The other Flow 4K is configured as the receiver and connected to the large screen via an HDMI line. The two devices are connected via optical fibers using Science Image’s paired T1 optical modules, easily establishing a long-distance transmission hardware link.

In terms of control, users only need to log into the Web UI interface of Flow 4K to configure the input and output interfaces as well as the video stream format, matching it with hardware connections, thus achieving perfect switching of resolution formats and convenient long-distance transmission operations.

Benefiting from the multi-interface feature of Flow 4K, users can combine various options based on the on-site situation, enhancing equipment utilization and reducing costs. However, Science Image has not stopped at the achievements of Flow 4K.

Flow 2
Makes Its Grand Debut

In September 2023, Science Image introduced Flow 2, an upgraded version of Flow 4K. Flow 2 inherits the excellent performance of Flow 4K in SDI/HDMI signal conversion, up/down frequency conversion, and long-distance signal transmission, while introducing a brand-new dial design, bringing unprecedented convenience to users.

Users no longer need to enter complex Web interfaces. With just a gentle turn of the dial, they can quickly set the input priority of SDI/HDMI, turn on or off the optical transceiver function, and switch between the transmission and reception modes of the optical transceiver. Even more user-friendly, users can easily perform frequency conversion on the output signal’s resolution, greatly enhancing the flexibility and convenience of equipment usage.

Products are the embodiment of a brand, and Science Image has always upheld an innovative spirit, continuously developing products that are more appealing to users, bringing ultimate product experiences to global users. The successful launch of Flow 2 is a rethinking of Science Image’s upgrade to user experience. In the future, we will integrate more experience design into our products, injecting more fresh blood into the audio and video industry, providing more possibilities for new businesses and models.

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