Case Introduction of Studio Edge’s Application in Studio of National Media Center

StudioEdge, Science Image’s multi-function rack-mounting codec/converter, made its appearance and was officially applied in multi-media studio of Chinese News Service as national media institute in December, 2023. The advantages of high integration, high stability, flexibility and easy operation embodied by StudioEdge during the application were highly recognized and thought of by the building party and integrator due to the perfect fulfillment of AV inter-connection and communication among the media production systems of multi studios, control rooms, conference rooms and main frame rooms.

China News Service Studio System

As a national news institute, China News Service possesses a series of cutting edge studio systems featuring comprehensive functions and providing steady and efficient performance guarantees to the diversified production demands of large live broadcastings and small chat shows.

China News Service Project Demands

Despite the fact that China News Service possesses advanced studio systems, their upgradings and reconstructions are still highly emphasized in order to suit the new production demands.

The project of China News Service mainly involved 1# and 2# studio systems located in different floors. 1# studio features the production system based on HD and has conference room and broadcasting instruction room, 2# studio featuring production system based on 4K and having studio hall and central control room. The project is meant to fulfill the AV signals’ inter-connection and communication of 2 studio systems, thus guaranteeing the efficient and synchronized news production.

Floor Crossing Long Distance Construction Plan

Traditional construction method requires 5 converters to fulfill the format conversion between HD and 4K as well as 10 optical transceivers to form 5 channels of optical transmitting/receiving systems.

When 1# studio transmits the signal to 2# studio, a converter is required to convert HD signal into 4K signal. And a pair of optical transceivers will be responsible for transmitting the signal to 2# studio.When 2# studio transmits the signal to 1# studio, a pair of optical transceivers will send the signal to a converter which will convert 4k signal into HD signal and transmit the converted signal to 1# studio.

This construction method is challenged  by complicated wiring, high cost and difficult later upgrading and reconstruction, etc. So is there a more superior plan that replaces the traditional one and brings us the more efficient and convenient experience?

Of course


Two sets of  StudioEdge as 5-channel multi-function rack-mounting codec/converter were applied in the project of China News Service. The two StudioEdge not only provided stable technical support to the project, but also fulfilled the functional integration of SDI/HDMI conversion, updown cross conversion, optical transmitting/receiving and NDI encoding/decoding for each channel, thus guaranteeing the efficient processing and transmitting of AV signals.

STUDIO EDGE Construction Plan
Featuring Floor Crossing and Long Distance

There were 3 camera stands in the conference room of 1# studio. The 3-channel signals generated by these camera stands were transmitted to StudioEdge through SDI cable. Based on its frequency conversion technology, StudioEdge converted the signal of HD format into high quality signal 4K format. Then its function of optical transceiver allowed the signal to cross the floor and be transmitted to another StudioEdge in 2# studio. When the StudioEdge in the 2# studio received the optical signal, it converted the optical signal into SDI and transmitted the SDI signal to central control room for further program production.

On the other hand, the 2-channel signals generated by the two camera stands in the studio hall of 2# studio were also transmitted to StudioEdge in 2# studio through SDI cable. StudioEdge converted the signal of 4K format  into the one of HD format and transmitted the signal converted to StudioEdge in 1# studio through optical fiber. After StudioEdge in 1# studio received these optical signals, it rapidly converted them into SDI signals for the use of 1# broadcasting instruction room.

Outstanding Performances,First Choice for Light Weight

Two sets of StudioEdge with 5 channels respectively is capable of replacing 5 updown cross converters and 10 optical transceivers in the traditional plan.

Apparently, compared to the traditional construction method, the plan fulfilled by StudioEdge features light weight, substantial cost reduction and high quality signal transmission. This innovative solution undoubtedly meets modern studio’s demands against efficiency, economical efficiency and high quality.

Crossing Traditional Mindset,Embracing Mew Pattern

One 6-channel StudioEdge is equal to: 6 optical transceivers and 6 NDI Codec;6 12G-SDI/HDMI 4K60 Converters;6 Updown Cross Converters

StudioEdge's Uniqueness

Ultra Long Distance, Flexible Deployment

StudioEdge’s each channel allows optical transmitting & receiving that  features transmitting speed as high as 12-25GB/S, so that transmitting great amount of video signals can be easily handled. Meanwhile, the transmitting distance up to 20KM allows steady and efficient signal transmission despite the distance between two location. Be it in different corners in the city or other spots, StudioEdge guarantees the unstoppable signal transmission.

IP Solution

Additionally, StudioEdge allows NDI encoding/decoding that as long as cable and switch are connected to it, SDI/HDMI signals from camera will be IP-processed and generate NDI stream. Or NDI stream can be decoded into SDI/HDMI signals by StudioEdge for output.A flexible and highly integrated solution is provided to build new intelligent multi media IP studios.

Scroll Wheel Operation

More Flexible Parameter Configuration

CCTV, BTV, the National Games and other mainstream channels and financial media have gradually promoted industrial changes in one project after another, and constantly adopted NDI technology as a means of on-site production and transmission, so as to make the IP of radio, television and professional video more grounded and travel all over the country

Multi Function Synchronization,More Efficient Signal Processing

Optical transmitting & receiving, full NDI encoding, updown cross conversion and format conversion between SDI and HDMI can be seamlessly synchronized, thus dramatically improving the efficiency and stability of signal processing and substantially enhancing the adaptability, flexibility and compatibility of device in diversified scenarios.

Stable transmission has won high trust from customers

Up to February of this year, StudioEdge has been stably operating in China News Service for over 2 months and well appraised by the client based on its outstanding convenience, flexibility and stability. StudioEdge has also presented remarkable qualities in term of signal transmitting speed, transmitting quality and post-sale services and become reliable support in the project.

Furthermore, Science Image products has been well sold in many countries and areas worldwide and covered many business scenarios such as broadcast, education, electronic competition, conference and large screen, acquiring recognitions from global clients.

1-6 Channels, Configuration As Needed

There are 6 models of StudioEdge.
Each channel allows updown cross conversion and optical transmitting & receiving
Engineering project can be easily taken care of.

Science Image will continue expanding and extending its business and commit itself to providing excellent technologies and services for more industries.More surprises awaits you to be found.

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