NDI HD Mini series latest firmware and download link, install tutorial -ScienceImage Full NDI bidirectional codec series  

All NDI devices support NDI 5

NDI HD Mini series firmware v4.1115A


The firmware upgrade package mainly optimizes the previous hardware and firmware versions as follows:

  • The latest hardware version adds the Line IN external audio embedding switch and volume adjustment function, which can be controlled by the Web UI.
  • NDI coding efficiency and delay optimization and interlacing anti-jitter processing.
  • Enhance compatibility with HDMI sources for ATOMOS and CANON recorders, camcorders and video cameras, and optimize HDMI handshakes for other brands of monitor/display devices.
  • Optimize and compress firmware upgrade packages, and automatically identify incorrect upgrade packages to prevent customer operations.
  • The functions of the Web UI are enhanced and beautified, making it easier to operate.
  • Optimize decoding SDI audio output quality.
  • Optimized the NDI decoding selection output function.
  • Optimized PTZ control module functions.
  • Optimize Mic audio input and embedding functions
  • Optimize the unnesting of external embedded audio and NDI audio

Firmware upgrade steps:

Observe the OLED display of the NDI HD Mini box and enter the IP address in the Internet Explorer (set your PC to the same network segment as the box) to enter the management interface: Default user name: admin , password: admin

On the NDI HD mini box web UI management page, click the system menu on the left, and click under firmware Upgrade to open the firmware upgrade page

Click select files and choose the upgrade in the resource package wait 5 seconds, to FLASH the firmware upload box, if the upgrade package is correct, “upgrade” button to green (not red and not click on the right, the page will be a prompt), at this time click start upgrade firmware upgrade button, the page below have a progress bar, about a minute after upgrade, The box restarts automatically after the upgrade is complete.

Check the Dashboard page to check the upgrade package version, that is, the latest firmware version.  

NDI HD Mini family series and its ancillary features  


ScienceImage NDI HD family is divided into 3 models:  

1. HDMI Mini – Full NDI codec with HDMI input/output, supports HDMI 4K30 and up to Full NDI, supports 3G-SDI and HDMI 1080P60, switches codec at will;  

2. NDI SDI Mini — Full NDI bidirectional encoding decoder with 3G-SDI input/output, encoding and decoding support 3G-SDI input/output, encoding and decoding at will;  

3. NDI HD Mini — Full NDI codec with HDMI and SDI input and output, HDMI and SDI can loop and convert each other (no conversion), NDI codec supports up to 3G-SDI/HDMI 4K30,  NDI decoding supports up to 3G-SDI/HDMI 1080P60;  

All three models support external audio LINE  IN embedding and NDI audio solutions for embedded function, HDMI and priority selection of SDI input (can support different signal input and switch to choose two road), NDI frame rate, format and bandwidth are adjustable (customer can be adjusted according to the network conditions to flexible NDI bandwidth), volume, PTZ control, a key to restore the factory Settings, and other functions, it will never change  Brick).  

NDI 5 Tools  


If you can’t download it, please add our customer service staff or leave a message, we will contact you individually and help you download it.  

Customer service staff wechat number: 18501056152  

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