FLOW 4K Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.1219a

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  • 版本
  • 文件大小 8 MB
  • 文件计数 1
  • 创建日期 1 4 月, 2022
  • 最后更新 24 9 月, 2022

FLOW 4K Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.1219a

Release Notes:

1. Increase and optimize the display of optical transceiver parameters on OLED.
2. Optimize the content and beautify the appearance of Web UI.
3. Optimize optical transmission efficiency to make transmission and switching more convenient and fast.
4. Optimize HDMI / SDI input compatibility.
5. Add and optimize the RNDIS control function of USB port.

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