NDI Studio 4K series NDI+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.N0101a

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Release Notes

1. Optimize the stability and compatibility of HDMI output
2. Optimize the stability and efficiency of NDI coding and decoding under interlaced input
3. Optimize the line in embedded audio mixing effect and change it to 32 gear volume adjustment
4. Add 255. 255 status extreme protection for IP settings

NDI Studio 4K series Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.O0101a

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Optimize the output format and setting of optical transceiver under auto state
2. Optimize the display of input / output status on OLED
3. Optimization of some button and functions on Web UI
4. Optimize SDI / HDMI loopout stability

Firmware upgrade process
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NDI HD mini series upgrade firmware v4.2.0302a

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Optimize decoding speed.
2. Replace the default IP address when there is no route, and multiple devices can avoid it intelligently.
3. Solve the display error of screen decoding stream name in some cases.
4. Add the function of intelligent identification of network segment address.
5. Add automatic search and selection of decoded NDI source and intelligent jump function after NDI source interruption.

FLOW 4K Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.1219a

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Increase and optimize the display of optical transceiver parameters on OLED
2. Optimize the content and beautify the appearance of Web UI
3. Optimize optical transmission efficiency to make transmission and switching more convenient and fast
4. Optimize HDMI / SDI input compatibility
5. Add and optimize the RNDIS control function of USB port

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