NDI HD mini series upgrade firmware v4.2.0628a

Firmware Download
Release Notes
  1. Upgrade NDI codec to the latest version of NDI 5.1.3
  2. Optimize the Web UI interface and adjust some UI functions;
  3. Optimize the timestamp function;
  4. Optimize the DHCP function
  5. Optimize network transmission mode RUDP and single TCP functions
  6. Optimize the automatic search and selection of decoding NDI source, intelligent jump function after NDI source interruption, OLED display and decoding memory function.
  7. NDI proxy stream format optimization
  8. Optimize SDI Output quality and decoding volume adjustment

NDI HD mini series API

API Download

NDI Studio 4K series upgrade firmware v3.2.0628a

Firmware Download
Release Notes
  1. Optimize optical transceiver functions and OLED display parameters
  2. Optimize NDI coding efficiency, NDI code rate automatically adjusts encoding and decoding bandwidth following video to adapt to various network environments
  3. Optimization of network transmission mode and addition of Reliable UDP and single TCP
  4. Web UI function and menu optimization, timestamp optimization
  5. NDI source automatic search and selection optimization, DHCP increases searching duration
  6. Optimize decoding NDI source memory function and automatic search duration
  7. Optimize decoding and save CPU resources
  8. Upgrade NDI codec version to NDI 5.1.3

NDI Studio 4K series API

API Download

FLOW 4K Optical+UpDownCross firmware v3.2.1219a

Firmware Download
Release Notes

1. Increase and optimize the display of optical transceiver parameters on OLED
2. Optimize the content and beautify the appearance of Web UI
3. Optimize optical transmission efficiency to make transmission and switching more convenient and fast
4. Optimize HDMI / SDI input compatibility
5. Add and optimize the RNDIS control function of USB port

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